Conditions générales de vente

Conditions générales de vente USfoodz  

1. Distance Selling Act

USfoodz states that the Terms and Conditions are subject to the Distance Selling Regulations. 

2. General

2.1   In these Terms and Conditions, ´USfoodz BV´ means USfoodz BV in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam: 58858989. Buyer: the natural person, partnership, corporation, entity or individual who has contracted USfoodz to perform a service. Services: The service that USfoodz offers include sales and distribution of imported American drinks, sweets, snacks, breakfast and baking products.  

2.2 USfoodz reserves the right to change and / or supplement the Terms and Conditions.

3. Offer and Agreement  

3.1   Offers or quotations shall be regarded as an invitation to potential Buyers to engage in a sale. USfoodz is in no way bound hereto, unless expressly and unambiguously stated otherwise in writing. The acceptance of the invitation by the potential Buyer to engage in the sale is considered an offer and leads only to a conclusion of an agreement if the other provisions of this Article are fulfilled.  

3.2 An offer from the potential Buyer as mentioned in Article 3.1 shall be deemed to have been made ​​in any of the following circumstances:
The potential Buyer has entered the data in the appropriate order form on the internet site and has sent the relevant data to USfoodz via electronic means. These data have been received by USfoodz.  

3.3   An agreement is concluded at the moment that the order confirmation is handed over to the Buyer or, in the event the offer has been made through the website, has been sent by e-mail to the email address provided by the Buyer. This agreement may be revoked by USfoodz in the event that the Buyer does not meet or has failed to meet the general conditions.

3.4   Information, images, verbal notifications, records, etc. concerning all offers and the most important features of the products that are provided  via the website, e-mail or by phone
shall be displayed as accurately as possible. USfoodz does however not guarantee that all offers and products fully correspond with the information provided. Deviations can in principle not give rise to compensation and / or dissolution of the agreement.  

4. Prices

4.1 All prices are in accordance with the legal regulations expressed in Euros, and are including all taxes.

4.2   The Buyer must pay the price that USfoodz has communicated in the confirmation order in accordance with Article 3.3 of these conditions. Obvious (manipulation) mistakes in the price, such as obvious inaccuracies, can even after conclusion of the agreement be corrected by USfoodz.  

4.3 Special offers are valid while stocks last.

5. Payment

5.1 When ordering through the website, the Buyer may pay through Mastercard, Visa or Direct e-banking.

6. Delivery and delivery time  

6.1   Orders will be delivered as soon as possible or at the delivery date specified by the Buyer. The utmost delivery period is 30 days after the delivery date specified by the Buyer. The delivery time shall be considered an indication, therefore, no rights can be derived hereof.  

6.2 Deliveries will take place at the address provided by the Buyer upon conclusion of the agreement.

6.3   The Buyer is obliged to collect the purchased product within the agreed term. Failing this entitles USfoodz pursuant to the provisions of Article 6:60 of the Dutch Civil Code to require the competent court to discharge USfoodz of the commitment to deliver the product(s) or to order payment of the not collected parts of the product without prior notice. If the Buyer fails to fulfil his payment obligation, USfoodz is entitled to dissolve the agreement without further judicial intervention.  

7. Cooling-off period, Right of Withdrawal and Exchange  

7.1 The private Buyer may within seven (7) days after delivery of the product exercise his right of withdrawal without penalty and without stating reasons.

7.2   In the event of dissolution of the agreement, the private Buyer is obliged to return the product to USfoodz within 7 days after dissolution in the state in which the private Buyer received the product. The costs for returning the product shall be borne by the private Buyer.  

7.3 If the private Buyer has exercised his right of withdrawal as mentioned in the previous paragraph, USfoodz will within 10 days refund the payment made by the private Buyer by bank or giro transfer.

8. Force majeure

8.1   In case of force majeure, USfoodz shall not be required to comply with its obligations towards the Buyer. USfoodz is entitled to suspend its obligations for the duration of the force majeure.  

8.2   Force majeure shall mean any circumstance beyond its control which fully or partially prevents fulfilment of its obligations towards the Buyer. These circumstances include amongst others strikes, fires, business disturbances, power failures, failures in (telecommunications) networks or connections or communication systems and / or unavailability of the website at any time, non or late delivery by suppliers or other third parties and the absence of any government issued license.  

9. Personal details

9.1 USfoodz shall process the data of the Buyer exclusively in accordance with its Privacy Policy as described in Article 10.

9.2 USfoodz will thereto observe the applicable laws and regulations.

10. Privacy

USfoodz respects your privacy. You can freely, without entering personal information, explore the website. We only ask you to enter personal information if you place an order. All data made available by you regarding deliveries shall be handled carefully and stored securely. This applies to your own data and to the (address) data of the recipient(s) of your order.  

USfoodz shall never rent, distribute or sell personal details such as name and address details to third parties. You will be included in our e-mailing, which periodically notifies you of news, special products or offers, at your own request. If you are not using our email service, we will only use your personal details (email and phone number) to contact you with respect to questions about deliveries. Your data can at any time be changed or deleted at your request!